Influential Women

History is filled with influential women who deserve celebration. From their achievements and accomplishments to their impact and inventions, each woman represented here has successfully moved society forward in her own unique way.

Influential women

The individualistic backgrounds and careers of these women span from CEOs to philanthropists and from scientists to novelists. Each woman has fought against obstacles and disadvantages in her field, including sexism, racism, physical threats, religious discrimination, and countless forms of gaslighting and stereotyping.

This site aims to explore, educate, and celebrate the lives of influential women from around the world as well as to share the stories of their contributions to society and the impact they continue to make.

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Women-Only Online Communities and Digital Spaces

Women-only online spaces and women-owned digital platforms continue to be outnumbered by men around the world. In 2017, an OECD report found that women use the internet 12% less than their male counterparts globally – for a plethora of reasons.

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Influential Women in the workforce

Influential Women in the Workforce

Over the last seven years, the amount of women-owned businesses continues to climb in numbers around the world, across various cultures, nationalities, and demographics. In the United States alone, women-owned brands and businesses all the way to female entrepreneurs represent

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